Make Your Home Your “Forever Home” With Aging-In-Place Remodeling

Maximize Your Years of Independence and Comfort With Aging-in-Place Remodeling 

Aging in Place bathroom renovations
Aging in place Slate tile bathroom

Universal design is key when taking on aging in place remodeling projects. In the US, less than 1% of homes are wheelchair accessible but at least 61 million Americans live with limited mobility. That’s 18% of the population that is likely living outside of their home in an assisted living community because their home isn’t designed with aging-in-place needs in mind. 

This is where the idea of “universal design” comes in. Universal design methods are principles implemented to create a home that inherently works for people with limited mobility, disabilities or anyone who wants to plan ahead for common challenges they may face in the latter years of their life. It puts a focus on thinking inclusively about solutions to free a building of barriers or create a new building without barriers to allow all people full access to their home for as long as possible. 

Universal design allows you to maintain your independence in your home. When individuals become overly dependent on outside care, or they are unable to maximize their independence, they are more likely to give up and live a shorter, less productive, less HEALTHY life, which is why you should consider making your home a “forever home”.

What are the benefits of aging-in-place modifications or building your home to be forever?

  • Allows you to stay in your home and neighborhood longer while living functionally, independently and safely.
  • Thinking ahead and implementing aging-in-place modifications before you need them will create a more effortless and comfortable living space for you to grow in. 
  • Improving your home’s accessibility is a smart and relatively inexpensive home renovation investment in a fast growing real estate market. 1 in 4 people in the US are over 60 years old so making your home accessible to everyone adds value to appeal to this large portion of the market. 

How do we at Broderick Dean Construction implement these Universal Design methods into remodels and custom home builds?

CAPS - Certified Aging-In-Place-Specialsist
  • We start with entrances and environments that are designed to minimize or eliminate barriers like steps, large steep grades or slopes, thresholds greater than ½ inch and narrow, cluttered or restrictive passages.
  • Continuous handrail systems that provide unobstructed hand support.
  • Kitchens with adjustable or varied counter heights, accessible appliances and storage, adequate turn space, recessed or protected plumbing, and roll-under sinks.
  • Bathrooms with barrier-free showers, non-slip finishes and smart shower controls such as scald-proof valves, offset controls, push or lever handles and grab bars. As in the kitchen, we would ensure adequate space to approach the facilities, flexible counter heights, and low or angled mirrors. 
  • Easy audio and video controls that are simple, fun and accessible to use at any age or height. 
  • Smart lighting scenes that offer simple control over lights and outlets such as timers, motion sensors, and dimmer to make living easier. Examples of smart control options are touch screens, multi-button keypads, and remote controls. 
  • If you can imagine a way that home-control would make your lives easier, we can make it happen. 

Thinking ahead and planning for aging in place is right up there in importance with building your retirement fund. Instead of resigning yourself to an assisted living situation, make the modifications even before you need them in your own home. This is about moving from a reactive state to a proactive state; moving from taking care of the sick and fixing to promoting wellness and prevention. 

Life spans reach well into the ’90s these days and with a few modifications such as accessible bathrooms and kitchens, you can maximize your comfort and the length of time you remain independent and safe in your own home. Contact us at Broderick Dean Construction to learn more about our aging-in-place services. 



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