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Welcome to Broderick Dean Construction, your trusted contractor in aging-in-place remodeling that provides comfort and quality designs. As a Certified Aging In Place Specialist (CAPS) certified contractor, we take pride in our expertise, modern techniques, and dedication to delivering reliable workmanship. Being a part of the National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB) reflects our commitment to excellence.

Now more than ever, families are opening their homes to their elderly relatives or needing to assist with renovations to their aging family member’s existing home. Changes in the structure of an existing home require a fresh look at the architecture and design, as well as a knowledge of aging-in-place specifications for safety, mobility, and functionality.

At Broderick Dean Construction, we believe that nothing matches the freedom and dignity that comes from the ability to maintain your friendships and community ties while living in the home you love. Incorporating universal design into your home remodel today is a great way to accommodate your family’s present needs and plan for future ones.

Slate tile bathroom after remodel

Aging in Place Tailored Solutions For Every Room

Our experienced contractors are here to offer unique solutions and personalized one-on-one attention for every room in your home. From bathrooms and living rooms to kitchens and bedrooms, we are committed to transforming your living spaces with thoughtful design and renovations tailored to your needs.


  • Walk-in bathtubs and showers
  • Hand grips for steady movement
  • Non-slip flooring and accessible doors


  • Hands-free or lever-handled drawers and doors
  • Roll-out shelving for easy access
  • Adjustable heights for sink, cooking surface, drawers, and cabinetry


  • Grip bars for getting in and out of bed
  • Adjustable bed height
  • Layout adjustments for wheelchair accessibility


  • Ramps for wheelchair access
  • Doorway widening
  • Canopies over doors to minimize slippery surfaces

Other Updates

  • Laundry room accessibility improvements
  • Removal of steps in certain areas
  • Safety bars in high-risk areas

Aging in Place Remodel Feature - The Woodlands

This aging in place remodel started by removing the existing soaker tub and framed glass enclosed shower. These elements were replaced with a modern curbless shower, precisely installed at the former soaker tub location. Additionally, we framed a bench within the shower area to enhance comfort and functionality. To ensure safety and accessibility, we strategically installed two shower grab bars. The shower was further upgraded with frameless glass, offering a sleek and contemporary aesthetic. Finally, a linear shower drain was expertly installed to optimize water drainage and create a seamless finish.


2.Project 2 - Before


2.Project 2 - Progress Pic Framing Aging in Place


2.Project 2 - Curbless Shower-Grab Bars
Age in place remodeling checcklist
Age in place kitchen remodeling wheelchair accessible
Aging in place bathroom design

Age in Place Remodeling Checklist

Our Aging-In-Place Remodeling Checklist is a valuable resource that outlines essential features to consider for your home renovation project according to the NAHB. This checklist serves as a quick reference for creating a safe and accessible living environment.

Entryways and Exits

  • Ensure well-lit and slip-resistant pathways for easy entry.
  • Install supportive handrails for stability and safety.
  • Create a welcoming and accessible entrance.

Living Spaces

  • Optimize lighting for visibility and a secure environment.
  • Consider open floor plans to enhance mobility.
  • Arrange furniture for easy navigation.

Kitchen Modifications

  • Lower countertop heights for wheelchair accessibility.
  • Install lever-handled faucets for ease of use.
  • Ensure accessible storage solutions.

Bathroom Safety

  • Add grab bars near toilets and in showers.
  • Consider walk-in showers for convenience.
  • Enhance bathroom lighting for safety.

Bedroom Accessibility

  • Ensure a comfortable and accessible bed.
  • Adequate lighting for nighttime visibility.
  • Optimize furniture placement for easy access.

Emergency Preparedness

  • Install smoke detectors and establish emergency exits.
  • Develop a communication plan for emergencies.
  • Keep emergency contact information accessible.

Home Security

  • Invest in a reliable home alarm system.
  • Reinforce doors and windows for added security.
  • Ensure proper outdoor lighting.

Technology Integration

  • Explore smart home features for convenience.
  • Consider medical alert systems for emergencies.
  • Ensure user-friendly technology solutions.

Outdoor Considerations

  • Install ramps for easy outdoor access.
  • Maintain a well-lit and secure outdoor environment.
  • Ensure safe outdoor seating areas.

Regular Maintenance

  • Conduct regular safety checks for potential hazards.
  • Keep safety features in good working condition.
  • Address maintenance needs promptly.

Aging in Place Remodeling FAQs

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