Discover The Perfect Design Style For Your Next Design Build Project

When you are ready to jump into a home remodeling or design build project you probably have an idea in your mind of the finished product, but you might not know the exact way to describe it. With typical construction companies that vision doesn’t always come to light but, lucky for you, Broderick Dean Construction specializes in design-build construction. That means that when you set up your first consultation, our design team is there to help guide you and educate you on design styles and which ones function best in your home.

Let’s go through a few of our favorite design styles and see which one would work best for your design build project:


Transitional is a blend of traditional and contemporary. The easiest way to envision transitional style is a beautiful balance of new and old, soft and clean.

Who is a Transitional design style ideal for?

Transitional design is great in older homes being remodeled so that you can keep that charm and flow throughout the house but add a contemporary feel that brings you up to date. One of our favorite things about this design style is the details in the trim and the large features that really tie a room together. There is something so grand about a beautiful molding design. Transitional style is also great when knocking down walls and combining two rooms. A large built-in or inventive paneling will make your home feel like it was always meant to be that way.

transitional design style

Scandinavian –

Scandinavian design embodies the Danish concept of hygge, which is all about generating contentment through comfort. The style is light and airy, with light wood variations and white walls. Hints of nature are essential to this look.

Who is a Scandinavian design style ideal for?

If you are a person who is overwhelmed by clutter and wants to come home at the end of the day to curl up on the couch with some tea and your favorite blanket, this one is for you. If the mood of your home is at the top of your priority list, a Scandinavian design might be just what you are looking for. Here are some examples on our Pinterest

Scandinavian Design Style
Scandinavian Design Style Woodlands TX


Contemporary is what most people think of when they think “modern.” The idea of contemporary design is to emphasize space, shape, and color rather than features. It’s sleek and clean, using texture to add focus and dimension. Simplicity is key to the subtle sophistication of contemporary design. You might notice it’s very similar to minimalism, with just a bit more of a millennial touch.

Who is a Contemporary design style ideal for?

Contemporary design is for those who like to push the envelope a little and enjoy something out of the ordinary. If you have a little more adventurous personality, a contemporary design for your remodel will keep things interesting.


This look is inspired by Japanese interior design, and it’s all about the concept of “less is more.” Everything should have clean lines, and colors should be neutral with primary accents. There are no patterns to speak of, but texture is an absolute must to give the aesthetic some dimension.

Who is a Minimalistic design style ideal for?

For those who enjoy a low-maintenance living space, minimalistic is the way to go. With a minimalistic design, everything has its place. If you are working to simplify and destress your life, take advantage of this design style as a way to make your home function as part of the lifestyle you are trying to create.

Minimalistic kitchen corner with appliances
Minimalistic kitchen corner with appliances. Hotel room facilities including kettle, multicooker, coffeemaker, toaster, dish. City apartment concept

French Country- 

French country is a blend of several design styles. It can be hard to decipher, but the main idea is farmhouse with shabby chic and muted, cool tones like jade green accented by warm yellows.

Who is French Country design style ideal for?

There is something so whimsical about a well-done french country design. This style is for homeowners that want to be surrounded by classic beauty in their homes. If you are the person who can’t pass up a really interesting item at a resale shop, you would be elated by the charming details that french country design will bring to your home.

You can find any of these interior design styles and many more on our Broderick Dean Pinterest page. Check it out

Pinterest Broderick Dean Design
Pinterest Broderick Dean Design

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