Hire A General Contractor or Many Independent Contractors?

Deciding if to Hire a General Contractor or Independent Contractors? Which is Best?

When starting your home remodeling project, many ask if it’s best to hire a General Contractor or source out the different elements of the project to independent contractors. Both have their benefits but depending on how much time you have to manage the project is what becomes key in making that decision.

A general contractor (or design-build contractor) is a team of skilled professionals who have worked together in the past, led by a coach who manages all communication and each component of the job to ensure a smooth and successful process. They are your full-service hire who will provide design assistance, architectural plans, 3D renderings, and installation (like us at Broderick Dean Construction).

Choosing to hire your own independent contractors means you are coming up with the game plan yourself, building your own team and YOU are the coach. Your players have never played together before and can greatly vary in skill level, reliability, insurance coverage, and price. This is usually the cheaper option at the start because you are taking on the role of manager and doing it alone, but oftentimes, either because your players make mistakes or you end up spending so much time managing, you don’t save the money you hoped to in the long run. 

couple in custom home Montgomery County, TX
couple in custom home Montgomery County, TX

Below we collected our best tips to consider when hiring either a general contractor or independent contractors.

Hiring Any Kind of Contractor – What You Need to Know

  • Always ask for personal referrals.
  • Know your contractor’s credentials.
    • Are they licensed, bonded, and insured? You can find this information online on your state’s license database. 
  • Know what permits are required and what regulations need to be followed for your remodeling project.
    • Jobs like changing structural walls and moving gas lines, plumbing lines, or water lines, always require a permit.
    • Your contractor and/or architect should be responsible for applying for and acquiring all necessary permits.

Hiring a General Contractor

  • You should feel that your general contractor answers all your questions/concerns in a friendly manner and understands your vision and needs. 
  • Understand that price reflects quality. Sometimes a low bid is commiserated with the level of experience of the contractor. Mistakes made and unprofessional quality could mean more money paid down the line. 
  • What kind of experience do they have? How many kitchen remodeling jobs have they done? Have They done custom home builds in the past?
  • Ask for references, no one will give you a better idea of the GC’s capabilities than previous clients.

Hiring Independent Contractors On Your Own

  • Have a detailed design in hand so you have a plan once your contractors come in.
    • Either designed by yourself or a hired interior designer.
  • You need to have ample time to oversee the project or hire someone to oversee the project for you every day there is work being done. 
  • Make sure you have the confidence to manage the project. You may not know how everything works, but you can oversee it to the point that you can communicate well with your contractors, keep them on task, and get your point across. Be realistic with your own capabilities to avoid getting overwhelmed and feeling in over your head.

When hiring any kind of contractor, consider these key attributes before making your decision: 

  • Experience 
  • Reputation 
  • Flexibility 
  • Ability to listen
  • Integrity 

You know what they say, if you think hiring a professional is expensive, try hiring an amateur. At Broderick Dean Construction we are true professionals that provide fair value, beautiful home renovations, and customer satisfaction. Read more about what sets Broderick Dean above the rest at www.BroderickDean.com.



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