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Homes Designed for YOU

At Broderick Dean Construction, we take great pride in building quality custom homes while developing long-lasting personal relationships with our clients. Our goal is to make your dream of building a custom home a reality. We build custom homes of all sizes and architectural styles, on any budget.

Rendering of custom patio add on desing

What Is our Custom Home process

Custom homes first start with the floor plans. This process of planning and designing a custom home will be new for many of you. With all of the moving parts and pieces, our design team works hand-in-hand with you to develop a custom floor plan.

Pre-design and research to begin planning your custom home experience. It all begins with our design team working with you on the following:

  1. Creating budgetary targets for this project

  2. Gathering resources to guide the project, including the current boundary survey, site cost evaluation, soil reports, HOA guidelines

  3. Covering expectations to give you a positive experience

The First Rendition/floor plan & design-schematic development is the first plan design that provides you with an aerial view of the plan.

  • Square footage

    Our team can design for you based on any HOA requirements you have for your target square footage.

  • Flow of Home

    After notating your square footage, it’s time for you to envision yourself in the new home. It includes adding windows, patios, and exterior doors where you want to take in the views.

With Subsequent Renditions, the designer can provide more interior details (built-ins and cabinetry locations, flooring types, kitchen and vanity layouts with plumbing locations, and electrical plans) and exterior elevations. It also includes any future spaces you are planning to have. The new set of plans now has enough information to create a sales price for the new plan to move forward with a construction services agreement.

Final Plans/Construction Drawings go into even more detail than the subsequent renditions. This plan contains exact measurements for walls, door swings, exterior door styles, square footage for flooring types and countertops, etc. You, the homeowner, review and sign off on the plans before they are sent to our 3rd party engineers to finalize and stamp the plans.


Many contractors use the word custom to mean options that can be selected and applied to predesigned floorplans. The result? Homes that look pretty much like a lot of other “custom” homes out there. We take a true custom approach to every new build we do. We believe your new home should be a reflection of who you are, how you live and what you want. You’re like no other, why shouldn’t your new home be the same?


Our fair and honest approach to design, estimating and pricing is meant to ensure you always know exactly what you’re getting and what you will pay for it. We are very transparent throughout the turn-key building process. If changes occur during the construction process with design and/or cost impact, we make sure you approve them before moving forward.


Quality construction is what we hang our reputation on, and we never try to lower your price by suggesting or substituting with inferior products. Why? Because cutting corners never pays off in the long-term. In fact, this approach will most likely cost you more money than if the work was done right the first time.


No detail is too small in our opinion because these details are what make your new home truly custom. Our decades of experience in the custom home building industry have taught us the importance of details that make a project complete.

10 questions you should ask your custom home builder

  1. What separates your general contracting company from your competitors?

  2. Will the owner of the home building company be personally involved with your project?

  3. What national accreditations have you earned?

  4. Do you belong to any professional associations and if so, which ones?

  5. Do you have liability insurance and carry workman’s comp insurance for your employees?

  6. How often do you finish a project in the anticipated time schedule?

  7. Who will manage your project day to day?

  8. Have you been involved with any legal disputes following a previous job?

  9. How does the home builder assure you that what they design can be built within your budget?

  10. What specific steps does the home builder take to keep your home construction site clean and safe?

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